01/17/2018 Meeting Minutes

PBEM Hayhurst Net Meeting January 17, 2018 6:45 PM-8:30 PM Alpenrose Dairy – Ice Cream Shop – 6149 SW Shattuck Rd. Portland – 503-577-2821 Meeting Minutes Present: Patricia Fryer, Ron Hellenthal, Greg Zupan, Randy Brown, Kathy Blondell, Rob Luck. From Bridlemile: Patricia Fryer, Jamie Strohecker, Chris Biegel. Greg handed out copies of the “Hayhurst Neighborhood Emergency Team … Continue reading 01/17/2018 Meeting Minutes

Best Communications for Being Prepared

In my opinion, determining communications tools and protocols for volunteer preparedness teams has always been difficult to navigate. There are those who are extreme that want the best products and will pay top dollar, along with those that just wanted the lowest cost to get by meeting requirements. With communications today, people depend solely on … Continue reading Best Communications for Being Prepared

Hayhurst Operations Plan Vetting

All Hayhurst NET members, The following two links are to the draft Hayhurst Ops Plan material in different formats, Microsoft Word DOCX and Adobe Acrobat PDF.   Please review one of the links and send feedback to firstresponders@hayhurstnet.com.  Please note, all content is excluding confidential information, i.e., private postal addresses, emails, and phone numbers, etc. … Continue reading Hayhurst Operations Plan Vetting