02/28/2023 Meeting Minutes

Maplewood/Hayhurst NET in‐person meeting (with Zoom option) agenda
Tuesday, February 28, 2022, 7:00 – 8:15 pm
Hosted by Hayhurst at the Vermont Hills United Methodist Church

Kandy Scott Maplewood NET
Ed Kraus Maplewood NET
Greg Zupan Hayhurst NET
Jack Klinker Ashcreek Crestwood NET
Patricia Fryer Hayhurst NET
Lynn Levy Hayhurst NET
Irene Jarrett Hayhurst NET
Jim Carleton Burlingame NET
Linda Martin Burlingame NET
Merilee Karr Burlingame NET
Lori Hess Maplewood NET
Bruce Schafer Maplewood NET
Linda Barbee Maplewood NET
Brian Scott Maplewood NET
Dave Goldman Burlingame NET

Action Items:

  • Greg will follow-up to IBW to get the interested panel participants involved.
  • Lynn will contact the VHUMC to get the second key replaced to allow facility usage during March 28th meeting.

Meeting Minutes

Social time
Show and Tell
What’s new ‐ Updated roster for Maplewood (last roster was 10‐2020)

Volunteer status levels:

  1. Applicant ‐ has completed the application form (12 “applicants”, but only 1 newer –
    sometimes people apply but then change their mind but at least we know they are interested in
  2. In Process – have completed the training videos and quiz and are eligible to sign up for in person
    Basic NET Training and receive emails from PBEM when trainings are available (3 people
    “in process”, but only 1 new)
  3. Accepted – now an active NET (1 new since last roster)
  4. BEECN Volunteer, not NET trained, but applicant (1 on our list)

Fire extinguisher maintenance and tips ‐ Kandy

  • Store with instructions facing forward.
  • Inspect monthly – ensure the needle is in the green to ensure that there is no pressure leak, check tamper seal & pull pin to be sure they are in place, check for signs of leakage, corrosion, or dents on body of extinguisher, check for blockage in discharge hose.
  • Turn the extinguisher upside down to “fluff” the dry chemical so that the agent doesn’t pack up at base and tap the bottom of the extinguisher.
  • Initial and date the inspection card and secure to extinguisher.

How to use ‐ Remember PASS

  • P is for PULL – Pull the pin, breaking the tamper seal.
  • A is for AIM – Aim the nozzle or hose low at the base of the fire.
  • S is for SQUEEZE – Squeeze the lever above the handle to expel the extinguisher agent. To stop release the lever.
  • S is for SWEEP – Sweep the nozzle or hose side to side at the base of the fire to put out.

    Continue to monitor the area. If the fire reignites, repeat Aim, Squeeze, Sweep



  • BEECN volunteering – Ed
  • Dispatching transportation to take people to warming shelters ‐ Bruce
  • Friends of Portland NET website https://friendsofportlandnet.org/teams ‐ Bruce
  • Friends of Portland NET (FPN), now a 501 (c) (3), a not‐for‐profit organization. Check out their web site: https://friendsofportlandnet.org/teams . It has a Resource page with links for useful NET and emergency information, a “Store” page where you can order NET swag (this helps raise money that will support FPN and NET programs and teams), and other info.
  • Other FPN information – Portland Earthquake Kits closed their company and donated most of their inventory to FPN. FPN plans to divvy up the inventory at the NET Fair. There are many items in large and smaller quantities. Gloves, batteries, paracord, water containers, waste buckets, first aid kits, and so much more. They are deciding how to divide the donations.


  • Teen CERT at Ida B Wells – Greg, Train the Trainer discussion
    • Aaron Olsen, the Health Sciences CTE teacher up at Ida B Wells High School, in spring would like to fire back up (post COVID) the Teen NET program. The NET training will be integrated in IBW’s Wilderness Medicine curriculum and be taught in classes, starting the week after Spring Break. Aaron is hoping to connect students with their/our local area NET teams and perhaps invite our group to help us with some of the training.  Meetings set a day (Friday) in which a member from all the local NET teams comes in for a panel discussion and take an in-depth look at the EAP for particular neighborhoods. If there is anyone who loves to come in and teach/co-teach a unit, we’d be happy to accommodate.

Focus for 2023

  • Collaboration with other SW NET teams
  • Participation in the twice‐yearly Citywide Deployment Exercises
  • Continue to resolve storage for cache, location and purchasing steel cargo container – Ed has ideas

Upcoming Events

  • Scenario Village with S. Burlingame NET – March 11
  • Survey 123 phone app/ DAMM (Damage Assessment Mapping Module) practice
  • Spring ‘23 Citywide Deployment Exercise – Saturday, May 13, 2023, noon – 4 pm. It will be four hours long this time. Team sign‐up has started. The individual sign‐up will be sent out in a March NET bulletin. We will need to designate members for some of the roles. If you have questions, please contact the planning committee at: NETDeploymentExercise@gmail.com
  • NET Fair at the PF&R Training Center – June 24, 2023, a of day classes/trainings
  • NET Camp

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 28, 2023


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