We’re Recruiting Volunteers!

We’re seeking more people to join our team to be ready to assist neighbors when that time comes. If you have an interest in being trained in emergency response, first aid, extrication, communication, government incident command systems, etc., and have a few hours per month of free time to direct to this volunteer effort, I think you’ll enjoy this opportunity. All that’s required is:

  1. Register at PBEM NET application (click on the “Step 1.) NET Registration Form”). Please be aware that the City of Portland requires all NET volunteers to complete a criminal background check because you may come into contact with vulnerable populations, use city-owned equipment, and have access to sensitive information.
  2. Complete the Online Basic Preparedness training on the principles of emergency preparedness and the disaster risks we face in the Pacific Northwest. The course consists of 17 online videos that, in total, run approximately two hours. You can view them at: http://www.portlandoregon.gov/pbem/article/400345
  3. Once you have watched the videos, please take the quiz. Go to https://my.examprofessor.com/pbem. Complete the following two steps: a)Click the REGISTER button and enter your information. b) After you register, click on Public Exams and take the Online Preparedness Quiz.
  4. Take active part in meetings with your local NET volunteer group.
  5. Complete the Basic CERT lecture training online for free through the University of Utah: www.onlinecert.org
  6. Following CERT training completion, send certificate to net@portlandoregon.gov and firstresponders@hayhurstnet.com 

Please contact the Hayhurst NET volunteers Assistant Team Lead Greg Zupan at 503-908-3402 for any questions.

This recruitment program was kicked off 2021 to help find more people in the community to join in. There will be a drawing when enough new recruits are brought in for a fair drawing to receive the potential award described below.

We’ve invited a large number of community organizations to share this volunteer opportunity within the local community. If you have any suggestions of ways we could recruit more people, please pass them on to us!