About Hayhurst NET

Hayhurst Portland NET is a non-government funded group of volunteers that help prepare the community for disasters and assist the local fire and rescue department with disaster community relief. For more information please view the PBEM site.

Our group of volunteers meets once per month for planning and participates in various other local community groups within the Hayhurst elementary school district.

Click here to sign up as a volunteer.  If you’d like to learn more, we can also be reached via email firstresponders@hayhurstnet.com.

Ronald Hellenthal, Co-Team Leader

ron-hRon grew up in the country, and his family had very limited firefighting support from the county, so, Ron’s Grandfather bought two military surplus fire trucks, and housed them on the ranch.  So from the age of 10 or so, nearly all the grand kids were taught to fight fires, take care of the fire trucks and respond to emergencies around the area where they lived.   After high school, Ron enlisted in the US Army, intending to become a heavy equipment operator, but the Army had other plans, working in Germany for one year and Vietnam for 2 plus years, working in specialized survival and warfare (classified fields for 3 years).
Following the Army, Ron served as Director of Security for Kaiser Foundations Hospitals, Ron served as the youngest Chief of Police in the State of Oregon, Undersheriff, and numerous other positions. He also served in the Oregon Air National Guard, as a Security Police Officer and Unit Trainer. Ron was educated through the University of the Air Force, the Maritime Academy in California, and Clatsop County Community College. It didn’t stop there, He served as a Merchant Marine Officer working for the Department of the Navy on various classified assignments followed by working for the private maritime industry. Now retired, Capt. Hellenthal is heavily involved in speaking & consulting for the Transportation, Safety, and Disaster fields.
He is trained in the following Disaster Specialties:
  • Disaster Management
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Emergency Ham Communications – (Call Sign KG7-LPS)
  • Medical First Responder / Triage
  • Structural Evaluator – Not Certified
  • Disaster Trainer & Evaluator
  • Haz-Woper Trainer
  • Fire Fighter – Water, Chemical, Electrical, Aircraft
  • Multi-Licensed with the FCC for Marine, Satellite communications
  • Resource Management – Advanced
  • Shipboard Damage Control Officer
  • NAVOSH (Navy OHSA)
  • Chemical, Biological & Radiological Warfare
  • Marine Oil Spill Containment & Clean up
  • Level One & Two Antiterrorism Training
  • Urban Search & Rescue

Greg Zupan, Co-Team Leader

G Zupan NNO

Since being Troop Leader in Boy Scouts taking the survival merit badge at Camp Baldwin, Greg Zupan has always held a fascination with preparedness. He’s provided Oregon Medical First Response and Emergency Responder within Intel Corporation from 1999 to 2012. He’s worked directly in medical healthcare non-profit providing Business Process Improvement assessments to help ease the way for technological integration within healthcare. Throughout Greg’s life his volunteerism has helped the local community within Unitarian Universalism, and he’s now been elected as the co-Team Lead for Hayhurst NET. With his Ham Radio Technical Amateur Radio Operators license (KG7LIW) he remains active Emergency Communications volunteer and leader to help rally the community in time of need. This photo was taken at the 2016 National Night Out at Alpenrose Dairy to help recruit new NET volunteers. For further professional background information about Greg Zupan, please view his profile on LinkedIn.


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