04/26/2022 Meeting Minutes

Maplewood/Hayhurst NETs Zoom meeting notes
April 26, 2022, at 7 – 8:00 pm

Introductions and welcome new Hayhurst NET member Irene Jarret, and a thank you to Kandy from Maplewood guiding everything with smooth elegance!

Meeting attendees
Maplewood NET – Lori Hesse, Linda Barbee (Team Readiness Lead), Terry Clelen
(aro), Bruce Schafer (Co- Lead ARO), Ed Kraus (ARO & Equipment Specialist), Brian
(Co-Lead ARO) & Kandy Scott (ARO & TL)

Hayhurst NET – Lynn Levy (Co-TL), Greg Zupan (Co-TL & ARO), Irene Jarret (new NET
member), Patricia Fryer

Psychological First Aid class–highlights by Terry Clelen (Linda Barbee and Ed Kraus also took the
class and commented)
• Our role as NETs is to observe and listen and not to diagnose
• How NETs should respond – ALGEE
Assess -physical and other
Listen – non-judgmental
Give reassurance
Encourage individual get help
Encourage self help
• Show care, concern, and compassion to individuals
• Practice mental wellness through environmental surroundings and do something
productive for community, self, and others
• Mental health recovery – provide hope and empowerment

View the new Hayhurst NET’s OPs Plan trifold Click here for details.

Citywide Deployment Exercise discussion
• Saturday, May 7, 2022, from 1 pm – 4 pm
• Virtual exercise on Zoom and includes the PBEM ECC radio room
• Hayhurst NETs have been assigned to the South Region
• Maplewood NETs have been assigned to the Southwest Region
• Link to information Deployment Exercise | Portland Prepares

Next meeting – Tuesday, May 24, 7 pm After Action Report discussion at combined meetin


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