01/17/2018 Meeting Minutes

PBEM Hayhurst Net Meeting

January 17, 2018 6:45 PM-8:30 PM

Alpenrose Dairy – Ice Cream Shop – 6149 SW Shattuck Rd. Portland – 503-577-2821

Meeting Minutes

Present: Patricia Fryer, Ron Hellenthal, Greg Zupan, Randy Brown, Kathy Blondell, Rob Luck.

From Bridlemile: Patricia Fryer, Jamie Strohecker, Chris Biegel.

  1. Greg handed out copies of the “Hayhurst Neighborhood Emergency Team Meeting Dates 2018.” There will be no meeting in February.
    • Action: Greg will post the schedule on line, adding the address of the United Methodist Church address on (per request).

Ron highlighted the possible parking conflicts for the September meeting due to the bicyclist racing at Alpenrose (highlighted in red)

  1. Greg reviewed his vision of tonight’s meeting which included:
    • A Radio drill discussion
    • Q & A session about Hayhurst in general
    • Planning for the upcoming year
  2. Randy discussed the need for a test of the 2-watt capability of our walkie-talkies. A preliminary test was done in December. Greg-Randy-Rob tested radios and results were mixed. Further testing is needed. Rob noted that during test it appeared that a nearby nursing home was using channel 4 which Greg indicated was a “public” airway. Greg also noted that it might be possible to institute a “privacy” feature. Not all radios have this capability. Basic conclusion is that relay via Alpenrose is needed. Randy passed out maps of potential testing points for radio drill. Bridlemile sites need to be added. New ARO needed for Bridlemile. It was suggested that after Hayhurst testing, Hayhurst can help with Bridlemile testing. Concern expressed about the fact that several neighborhoods are on the same channel. For purposes of the test identify yourself as “Hayhurst (position number).”

Action: Per Ron’s suggestion, volunteers should read Emergency Team Guidelines on the net website with particular attention to the GRMS guidelines, etc. (See this link: Net Communications Operations & Protocols )

Action: Trial radio test will be held Sunday, January 21st @9:00 AM. Using list of locations set out by Randy, attendees signed up for various spots. Each tester should use scale of 1-5 to rate “Quality of reception” with 1 being “unable to hear” and 5 “hearing clearly.”

Action: Test participants to relay results to Randy after test.

Action: Randy will do an after-test review for reporting at next meeting.

  1. Q&A session:
    • Randy asked if we have done any coordination with neighborhood elementary schools.
      1. In response, Greg noted that based on previous communication, they prefer that we not coordinate with the schools. They are concerned about liability and do not want any outside involvement. They also are obligated to have their own emergency plan and per Federal requirements must monitor their own children. We need to stick with our mission: assess effects of disaster on neighborhood, identify actions needed, help those in need, and make sure we are safe ourselves.
      2. Ron noted that Bridlemile may have a different philosophy. He urged them to check with Portland School District coordinator for Bridlemile area.
  • Chris asked about the NET passbooks. Ron is in process of getting passbooks, but notes that passbook has to remain with the Team Leader and that once a team member has completed a task, the team leader will note it.
  • Rob asked about placement of the PBEM stickers on personal vehicles. Recommendation is not to place it on the front of your vehicle. Ron noted that “Emergency Parking Pass” is available through PBEM. Jeremy K may be able to secure the passes for use by team members during and emergency. They are generally only valid during the duration of the emergency. Team members are urged not to park in restricted areas such as in front of a fire hydrant, truck loading zone, etc.
  • Kathy cited need for possible training of youth volunteers. Ron and Greg noted that City of Portland has decided not to involve youth, primarily because of reliance on schools to engage youth in emergency prep. Suggested that we reach out to schools via Portland School District for potential “capstone” or other involvement.

Action: Greg will craft email to appropriate people at Portland School District re possibility.

  • Possibility of becoming a “vendor” at the March Multnomah Art Center Net fair.

Action: Ron was “nominated” to follow-up.

  • Greg noted that he has completed the ARO training and needs Ron’s signature. Greg will serve as the ARO back-up.

Discussion re next year’s plans, including follow-up report on the Water Tower issue raised by Kathy will take place at the March meeting.

  1. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.

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