11/15/2017 Meeting Minutes

11/15/2017 Meeting Minutes
PBEM Hayhurst NET Meeting
November 15th, 2017, 6:45 PM-8:30 PM
Alpenrose Dairy – Ice Cream Shop – 6149 SW Shattuck Rd. Portland – 503-577-2821

Meeting Minutes

Present: Hayhurst: Ron Hellenthal, Greg Zupan, Heather Heaton, Denise Bertetto, Lynn Levy, Kathy Blondell, Randy Brown, Rob Luck, Bridlemile: Jamie Strohecker, Bob Rosenbaum, Nicole Ricelli

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:51PM by co-chair Greg Zupan.
  2. Greg welcomed the group and presented overview of meeting and noted that the last meeting’s minutes are posted on our http://hayhurstnet.com site.  Included in those October Minutes are directions for how to record your NET time contribution for reporting to PBEM.
  3. A sign in list was circulated and will be used to obtain Passbooks for the signees. Jeremy VK has requested all persons involved in meetings before he provides Passbooks. These will be available in January.
  4. Comments, suggestions, etc. are invited for minutes are welcomed and should be directed to Greg.
  1. Ron stressed the importance of volunteers signing up to help with their Christmas festivities (“Christmas in Dairyville”) scheduled first three weekends of December. Volunteer hours do not count as NET hours, but it is important that we help out to show our participation for Alpenrose’s ongoing support of the Hayhurst/Bridlemile efforts. There are a variety of opportunities. Please indicate “NET” next to your name when you sign-up. Action: Ron will send/resend out Sign Up Genius link so people can sign up.
  1. Randy Brown reported on the radio drill. It was postponed because we ran out of time. It needs to be rescheduled. Rescheduled for November 29th @ 7:00 PM. Randy will be at Alpenrose and have radios available. Participants will be assigned to various points for testing. 50th and Vermont is added as an additional site as well as Bridlemile School. More Bridlemile sites will be added. Action: Ron will send out an updated map so that people can sign up.

Greg reviewed types of “radios”:

    • FRS [0.5 watt] because of varied terrain, may have limited reception
    • FRS/GMRS [0.5 or 2 watt], a.k.a., “bubblewrap”, are more powerful and may be more capable of clear reception/broadcast
    • GMRS [2 or 5 watt] requires a GMRS license, thus are not currently recommended
    • Ham Amateur Radio Operator has to be have in minimum an FCC Technicians licensed [2 to 5 watts for a head-held and can go up to 50 watts with a home set-up]. Only can be used for NET ARO to PBEM communication and licensed Ham operator to operator communication.

In the event of an emergency, the ideal situation would be to have a relay station situated at a high location.

  1. Psychological First Aid(PFA)
    • Rob distributed copies of the text of the PFA (see attachment) and reviewed content.
    • Content is largely taken from the CERT Basic Training manual, Unit 7.
    • Key Objectives
      1. Know what the emotional environment is after a disaster for victims and yourselves
      2. What steps can you take to relieve your stress and that of the survivors
    • Rob did not include section re “managing the death scene” and “informing family and friends of a death,” however. Consensus was that it should be included for NET trainees.
    • The presentation can be tailored for “the public” and/or NET volunteers.
    • Rob and Greg will work on revision of materials for the PFA presentation.

Action: Rob will work with Greg to develop a compact (card) “cheat sheet” to give potential PFA SUVs.

  1. Concern was expressed re chaos, confusion and liability in the event of a real disaster. Everyone was reminded that the important thing is to follow specific procedures, take good notes and remember to do the best you can within the limitations of your duties as a NET volunteer.
  2. Greg has been attending the Hayhurst Neighborhood Association meetings who’ve expressed appreciation for the NET group’s efforts.

Next Meeting: No group meeting in December. However, radio drill will still be scheduled as well as participation in Alpenrose Christmas in Dairyville.


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