Cross-Team NET Deployment Exercise

Hayhurst NET members, and all others that would like to participate:

Please remember that Saturday April 7, 2018 from 2pm to 5pm Hayhurst NET has registered to participate in the Cross-Team NET Deployment Exercise. A PBEM deployment message will be go out at about 1:45pm suggesting that you join your team at your respective staging area around 2pm.

Due to other activities occurring at Alpenrose Dairy, we will be assembling at our secondary staging area — Vermont Hills United Methodist Church (VHUMC), gathering in the Fellowship Hall (further staging area details can be found in the Hayhurst Operations Plan:

The exercise should wrap up by 4:30pm, leaving 20-30 minutes to do a “hot wash” (debrief) and clean up the staging area.  If you have not registered online, please sign up as an individual participant (so that they will get the deployment message from PBEM) at:


  • If you have a FRS/GMRS radio please bring it (there will be some GRMS/FRS radios available for check-out at the staging area.)
  • Bring your red back pack.
  • You are encouraged to walk or ride a bicycle to the staging area as you would in a disaster.
  • Print out a Damage Assessment form (Form 1) and think up some damage that you might see while coming and put it on the form. Here are links to the NET ICS Forms in multiple formats:
  • There will be scenarios for “disasters” at certain locations given to search and rescue teams.  These scenarios will be in brown 6″ x 9″ envelopes.  Open the envelope retrieve Form 4 which tells what the “disaster” is.  When you arrive at the disaster area, discuss with your team, what you would do and fill in the results you discuss.  Some scenarios have an additional white envelope.  Open this upon arrival at the “disaster”. Here’s a link to the Hayhurst Neighborhood Map: Individual_11x17_landscape_HAYHURST
  • Brown 6″ x 9″ envelopes may include a building marker (X) to be filled in if necessary.  Some envelopes may have a marker even if not necessary.
  • Please do your best and be creative when responding to scenarios.

If you’d like to be removed from the distributions list please read below. Please pass this email on to others within the Hayhurst neighborhood that’s interested in preparedness and volunteering to help others.

Any further questions, contact Randy, ARO @ 503-840-5728 or Greg, Co-TL @ 503-593-1253.

Thank you, be safe and see you soon!



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