8/16/2017 Meeting Minutes

PBEM Hayhurst Net Meeting

August 16, 2017, 6:45 PM-8:30 PM

Vermont Hills United Methodist Church,
6053 SW 55th Dr, Portland, OR 97221,

Meeting Minutes

Present: Greg Zupan, Ron Hellenthal, Heather Heaton, Elizabeth Conrad, Randy Brown, Kathy Blondell., Bob Rosonbaum (Bridlemile).

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:48 PM by co-chair Ron Hellenthal.
  2. Elizabeth gave us a update on the NET training was held at a dilapidated church with the Portland Fire and Rescue (#18) covering multiple skill skill builder exercises – first aid, extrication, search, neighborhood mapping/assessment, and entry. Donna Herron coordinated the training
  3. Randy raised an ARO update to the team regarding regarding change in GMRS FCC guidelines. GRMS is now usable without a license – so we need to do another radio drill soon! Basically, two watts max on channel 1 thru 22 are allowed without a GMRS permit. The basis can be found in this FCC 17-57 PDF (http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2017/db0522/FCC-17-57A1.pdf). The following sections appear to spell things out:
    1. 51. “In the shorter term, we concur with commenters who suggest that the best solution to the problem of GMRS/FRS combination radios already in operation is to reclassify existing GMRS/FRS combination radios which operate at power levels under two Watts ERP as FRS units for which no individual license is required, and GMRS/FRS radios that operate above that power level as GMRS, with the latter continuing to require an individual license.13652. In order to accommodate these existing lower power combination devices in the FRS, we are increasing the maximum authorized radiated power limit for FRS channels 1-7 from 0.5Watts to twoWatts, and making the GMRS 462MHz main channels available to the FRS for use on a shared basis with GMRS. The new channels will be numbered FRS channels 15 through 22, and the FRS power limit for these channels will be two Watts ERP. In addition, we redesignate FRS channels 8 through 14 (the interstitial channels between the GMRS 467 MHz channels, which formerly were designated exclusively for FRS) to GMRS for use on a shared basis with FRS. They will be available to GMRS operators under the same technical limits that currently apply to FRS.137 We retain the fiveWattsERP limit for GMRS operation on the 462MHz interstitial channels.138 Consequently, all FRS frequencies will now be shared with GMRS, while the eight GMRS 467 MHz main channels (repeater input channels) will remain exclusively GMRS.”
  4. Randy handed out copies of Section 900 from the Neighborhood Emergency Team Guidelines to use as a reference to help ramp the team on communication operations and protocol.
  5. Additionally, Randy noted if interested in becoming a HAM operator please check out http://www.multnomahares.org/ and http://www.hamradiolicenseexam.com/
  6. Ron walked the group through a virtual drill.  Two maps as show below were provided showing the primary (Alpenrose Dairy) and secondary (Vermont Hills United Methodist Church) staging areas.
    Hayhurst Map 1
    NOTE: The green arrow shows the primary staging assembly area.
    Hayhurst Map 2
    NOTE: This show in the top right corner the secondary staging area at the Vermont Hills United Methodist Church.
    The drill covered a potential chemical spill of ammonia which risk of inhalation can be identified by the direction of the wind sock on the property.  Ron walked through the steps outlined in the Field Ops Guide: Page 1 get to staging are and view net form 1 (click here for link to templates)

    1. Greg volunteered to contact Jeremy to get Lynn L., Randy, Kathy, and Bob a copy of the Field Ops Guide.
  7. It was affirmed in the meeting with Rob Luck’s absence, that he’s be elected to act as the lead SUV coordinator for the Hayhurst NET group. Further details of his role will be discuss in the upcoming NET meeting.
  8. In response to an offer by the Hayhurst Neighborhood Association lead Carolyn Rundorff to provide potential donation tot he Hayhurst NET volunteer group, a motion was raised by Greg Zupan as follows, “I move that we grant consent to the   Hayhurst Neighborhood Association to represent the Hayhurst NET approaching the local cannabis store to potential provide $600 funding to purchase a cache/containment unit to securely house emergency response equipment for NET response, that which will allow the Hayhurst NET to be resourceful and have equipment when needed”, which was seconded and then approved by all. FYI… Additional details regarding the NET Equipment Cache items are listed in section 600.20-with the exception of “water” (which should be kept in a cool place). Once an exact location at Alpenrose is determined, then all the non-perishable items listed on Section 600.15 should be stored in a container at Alpenrose.
  9. The meeting was adjourned at 8:44 PM.

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