9/20/2017 Meeting Minutes

PBEM Hayhurst NET Meeting

September 20th, 2017, 6:50 PM-8:30 PM

Alpenrose Dairy – Ice Cream Shop – 6149 SW Shattuck Rd. Portland – 503-577-2821

Meeting Minutes

  1. Present:

From Hayhurst Net: Ron Hellenthal(Founder), Greg Zupan(Founder), Lynn L. (1), Kathy B. (5), Randy Brown (ARO), Rob Luck(1½) David Bertetto, Heather H., Patricia F.,

From Bridlemile: Jamie Strohecker(2), Chris Biegel (graduated in Spring), Adriana Pallori (New Graduate), Elise G. (New Graduate), David Wolfe (Beacon Volunteer but not a NET, hopes to sign-up training for next year) Patricia F. (New Graduate), John Yates(CERT trained a& completed NET training last October.

  1. Co-Chair Greg called the meeting to order at 6:50 PM. He introduced welcomed Bridlemile members and noted that PBEM is considering possible unification of neighborhood NETs as a means of dealing with ongoing recruitment issues as well as “spreading out” of various duties and tasks.
  2. Greg introduced Hayhurst Net members and asked that everyone introduce selves and how long they’ve been involved with NET. (Roles and years noted above as stated in parentheses).
  3. Captain Ron reviewed and updated the group on various matters, including:
    1. A in depth training re “house to house search and rescue” sponsored by the Markham NET 9/30/17. He encouraged attendees to contact him or Greg if they have not received notice of the specifics of the training.

ActionRon will check on dates for next training and get back to group.

    1. He has applications for those interested in becoming an ARO for those interested. ARO training is free, but must become a ham radio operator first @about $125. Greg noted that FRS/GMRS requirements have been modified so that we can practice drills with 22 channel “bubble-wrap” radios that only transmit at 2watts. People with FRS/GMRS radios can legally communicate in general. However, Greg and Ron agreed that a GMRS requires a license for hardware (removable rubber ducky antennas) transmitting higher than 2watts. However, in an emergency situation, GMRS use may be permitted without licensing. Greg agreed to follow-up and verify current governmental rules under FCC evaluation.

Action: Team needs to have a “practice run” to test how effective in and out of our district.

  1. There was further discussion re “unification” of Hayhurst and Bridlemile team. Ron noted that Hayhurst meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Many of the Bridlemile attendees are new and would like input from their team re: joint efforts.

Action: Bridlemile team will email their members to get their feedback re: joint efforts between the two teams.

  1. Kath B. reported on emergency access to use of water hydrants in event of any disaster. PBEM advises against individual training of NETs to use hydrants. Ron noted that there is a class 9/26/17(1900 hrs.- 2100 hrs.) at PDX training center taught by the Water Bureau. Registration may be closed, however we may want to get on waiting list.
  2. PBEM stickers were handed out to those who brought IDs. Awaiting instructions on where to place stickers.
  3. Ron shared members obtain a copy of the Emergency Response Guidebook for Transportation of Hazardous Materials. It’s available at Powell’s and Amazon (see this link: Emergency Response Guidebook). Greg noted that in a hazmat situation, NETs should avoid, although it may be good to know about hazardous materials.
  4. A question arose re posting of sign indicating Hayhurst NET staging area. Ron indicated that he has been working with Alpenrose. They have concerns about liability.
  5. Rob L reported on use of the “Map Your Neighborhood” (MYN) pamphlet. He had a successful meeting of the homeowners in his cul-du-sac. Greg reminded group that MYN is just a tool separate from what NET responsibilities are. NET volunteers’ main responsibility is to work with First Responders.
  6. Greg introduced concept of Psychological First Aid and asked Rob to speak about it.
    1. Key Points:
      1. Training alone does not prepare one for providing psychological first aid.
      2. Presence” is the most important part of assisting “victims”/ “survivors” of disaster.
      3. Personal awareness is critical- “check-in” with yourself. Ask yourself, “can I be centered?” or “Can you be ‘fully present?’”
      4. If you’re talking more than 50% of the time, you’re not doing your job.
      5. Take care of your family first.
      6. You have to be comfortable with the unexpected.
    2. Suggestions:
      1. Greg suggested we include “key take aways”
      2. Greg noted that medical training is critical. Ask for permission.
    3. Questions:
      1. What can you do if someone who is panicky, screaming at you, etc…
        1. Ron suggested that you try to remain calm, and de-escalate.
        2. Greg-suggests redirecting people to be involved in activities, clear and direct.
        3. Someone suggested that empathy is a key.
  7. Greg reminded people that NET volunteers in a disaster situation do not necessarily have time to provide Psychological First Aid. Their primary responsibility is to get people to safe areas and/or staging areas where they can get help needed. SUVs can be trained to provide such support.

Action: Rob will work with Greg and Ron to set up a formal training to be offered to the community.

  1. Ron indicated that there will be more trainings offered in the future. Jeremy VK has more staff now, and there is hope that more PBEM trainings may be possible.
  2. Suggestion made that although NET training is critical, practical training/community education on practical things you may do to deal with the emergency is much needed. Ron pointed out that an advantage of this approach could be that those who’ve been trained are less likely to need NET assistance.
  3. Suggestion for next meeting: GMRS video/training a possibility, but formal agenda will be distributed at least a week before the meeting. Bridlemile members are welcomed.
  4. Suggested homework:
    1. Study phonetic alphabet for radio communication.
    2. Review materials for “marking doors” in the event of an emergency.
    3. Send ideas for the meeting to Greg & Ron at Hayhurstnet.com.
  5. The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 PM.

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