6/21/2017 Meeting Minutes

PBEM Hayhurst Net Meeting

June 21, 2017, 6:45 PM-8:30 PM

Alpenrose Dairy – Ice Cream Shop – 6149 SW Shattuck Rd. Portland – 503-577-2821

Meeting Minutes

Present: Greg Zupan, Ron Hellenthal, Lynn L., Kathy B., Rob Luck, Randy B., Denise B.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:47 PM by co-chair Greg Zupan.
  2. Greg welcomed new attendees Lynn and Denise and thanked them for their willingness to become involved in Hayhurst NET activities.
  3. Open/Other Issues
    • Kathy expressed concerns about a random 800 number that displayed as a NET number, but turned out to be a sales call. Problem resolved when second call came in. Action: Greg suggested that Kathy send an email to Jeremy V re issue.
    • Kathy updated the committee on her follow-up on water tanks located on the hill at SW Tower Way. She spoke to Keith Walker at Portland Water Bureau who deals with Water Bureau security. There are 5 tanks but only tanks 4 & 5 are used. Mr. Walker assured Hayhurst Net team that in the event of an earthquake, water would flow to the neighborhood hydrants. Concerns were expressed about the chaos that might ensue following a major earthquake. Greg emphasized the importance of what we learned at NET training, i.e. contingency planning: be prepared at home, then go to our staging area (with Alpenrose Dairy at our main site and the Vermont Hills Methodist Church our second). Action: Kathy will follow-up with Fire Department re protocol for possible use/opening of fire hydrants as a back-up water source in behalf of the Hayhurst team. Team leads should be cc’d with any email correspondence to PBEM. Ron will work with Kathy.
  4. NET Signs
    • Ron has installed a permanent NET sign at the alternative staging area at Vermont Hills Church.
    • We are still negotiating the installation of the other NET staging sign at Alpenrose Dairy.
  5. ARO Frequencies
    • Ron distributed a copy of all the ARO (Amateur Radio Operator) sign. In the event of a catastrophic emergency and unavailability of a licensed person, someone may use these frequencies. Greg noted that given the topography of the Hayhurst area, we probably need to use Primary and Secondary Repeaters for ARO communication. If cell phones are working, text will be primary source. Action: Greg will set up group cell phone list for meeting attendees and add names as more members become active. Ron reminded group that activation of the Hayhurst Net team must come from PBEM. The only exception might be a catastrophic event where PBEM communication was not possible.
  6. Station #5: Reflection

  7. New Meeting Schedule (& Alpenrose Holiday Activities)
    • Ron distributed a copy of our 2017 meeting schedule and noted that the August meeting will be held at our alternate staging site, Vermont Hills United Methodist Church.
      1. Action: Greg will post updated meeting schedule on Hayhurst website.
      2. Action: Hayhurst NET will assist with Alpenrose Holiday activities. This is part of our agreement for use of their facilities. Preference is for us to participate as a group. However, individual participation may be necessary depending on members’ personal schedule.
  8. Prerequisite NET Training Material Review
    • Action: Ron would like members to download newest version of the Hayhurst operations plan and review it. There is some additional information.
    • Action: Ron will hold an inspection/audit of team members “Go Bag” at the next meeting. Be prepared.
    • Ron received a copy of the Task Book from NET that document members training. It will soon be published. Action: Once they are received, members will be asked to document completed training.
  9. Tabletop and Standard Drilling
    • Ron will start review and practice of PBEM forms at future meetings.
    • We will also be doing some table top drilling then the following month a standard field training.
    • Suggestion: Greg and Ron have bios on website. He suggested that members consider bios that list various skills they may have to offer in case of an emergency.
    • Suggestion: Map Your Neighborhood pamphlet is a valuable resource. Copies may be available at https://mil.wa.gov/uploads/pdf/emergency-management/myn/myn-orderform.pdf .
  10. Additional topic(s)
    • Group discussed recruitment issues and agreed that we need to continue to recruit more members to actively participate. Greg noted that our Ops Plan is online. He also reviewed basic staging procedure and urged committee to review Plan, including procedures re use of alternative staging site in the event Alpenrose is not safe to use because of geological hazard or hazmat issues.
  11. National Night Out in Alpenrose Dairy
    • August 1- Approximately 6-9 PM. Hayhurst will have a table and the opportunity to recruit members. Action: Participating members should be prepared with a brief “elevator speech” (e.g. 3-4 sentences) to “grab the attention” of potential members. Flyers will be available for distribution. Ron as information available for preparing your home.
  12. Prior meeting minutes review and open discussion topics
    • Hayhurst Auction-Suggestion that Kathy invite volunteers to the next meeting as part of recruitment process.
    • Greg and Ron reminded members to stay within training and procedural guidelines when carrying out their volunteer duties.
  13. The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 PM.

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