11/9/2016 Meeting Minutes

City of Portland Hayhurst District

Neighborhood Emergency Team

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order

Greg Zupan called to order the regular meeting of the Hayhurst PNET

November 9th 2016 – 06:45 to 8:30 PM – Alpenrose Dairy – Ice Cream Shop – 6149 SW Shattuck Rd. Portland – 503-577-2821

Roll call

The following parties were present: Greg Zupan, Kathy Blondell, Bob Rosenbaum, Mimi Margulies, Randy Brown


  • Bob recommended requesting from Felicia 40 General PBEM NET brochures.
  • We need three designated signs for the primary and secondary response areas.  One for the VHUMC and the other 2 for Alpenrose, i.e., NET Team Guidelines v2 600.30 Staging Area.
  • It was decided we’ll hold off Ops Plan publication until finalized in 2017

Agenda Items Covered

  1. Determine what members need from PBEM. Are you getting PBEM emails? Do you have a NET ID, helmet, and vest? Can you login to register your volunteer time? (NET Volunteer Database) Did you receive auto telephonic PBEM notifications for the storm? Who else has a Ham Radio Call Sign?
    1. Kathy Blondell needs: Hayhurst NET Team Association, ID, Profile ID setup (https://www.volgistics.com/ex/syst.dll?ACT=30&KEY=54535&PW=6412013&PN=826990), passport image attached
    2. Randy Brown needs: ID, Vest, Helmet.
    3. Greg Zupan needs: Vest, TL ID
    4. Ron Corkum needs: General NET reactivation, Hayhurst NET Team Association, ID, sign up ARO certification, Not receiving calls, please add to Telephony distribution list, Profile ID setup (https://www.volgistics.com/ex/syst.dll?ACT=30&KEY=54535&PW=6412013&PN=826990)
    5. Ron Helenthal needs: TL ID
  2. Discussion reached these three goals for 2017: Hayhurst Preparedness: Recruit, recruit, recruit… NET Certs, ARO Certs, and SUVs, Approach fire station for tour and alignment, and 2017 PBEM Scenario Drill including ARO
  3. Meeting schedule for 2017 was reviewed with staff.
  4. Review of 2016 Progress Report
    1. We actively attended the Hayhurst Neighborhood Association’s monthly meetings and attended the National Night Out hosted by Alpenrose Dairy.
      We have three Hayhurst NET members active as Amateur Radio Operators within NETnet.
    2. PBEM has formally recognized Hayhurst NET as active and PBEM NET certified membership has increased from two to six parties.
    3. Two Co-Team Leads were elected.
    4. We have drafted a full Operations Plan with a Primary (VHUMC) and Secondary (Alpenrose Dairy) Staging Area, which will be published for review following PBEM approval.
    5. Alpenrose Dairy has graciously provided free facility use for team meetings and periodic Community Training sessions… we held a Hayhurst NET Disaster Preparedness Presentation with 124 attendees.
    6. Seven meetings were held (meeting minutes accessible here) and we have a final one in November.
    7. We have a website established to help recruit and ramp potential members http://hayhurstnet.com. The site has information to help visitors to prepare for disaster.  Please visit, all feedback is greatly appreciated!
    8. We’ve established Mailchimp communications for formatted, consistent communications to the volunteer NET and SUV team. We still have a lot left to be ready…
  5. Next meeting will be held on January 18th 2017 – 06:45 to 8:30 PM – Alpenrose Dairy – Ice Cream Parlor – 6149 SW Shattuck Rd. Portland – 503-577-2821. The primary agenda topic will be Scheduling of 2017 and reflection on 2016 accomplishments to record volunteer hours.  If possible, please so bring your smartphone to help plan and make updates online.


Greg Zupan adjourned the meeting at 8:30 pm.

Minutes from 11/9/2016 meeting submitted by Greg Zupan and accessible at https://hayhurstnet.com/2017/01/19/1162016-meeting-minutes/.


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