9/14/2016 Meeting Minutes

City of Portland Hayhurst District

Neighborhood Emergency Team

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order

Greg Zupan called to order the regular meeting of the Hayhurst PNET

September 14 2016 – 06:45 to 8:30 PM – Alpenrose Dairy – Ice Cream Shop – 6149 SW Shattuck Rd. Portland – 503-577-2821

Roll call

The following parties were present: Greg, Ron, Rob Luck, Ron, Rev Tim Overton-Harris, Nick Cooper, and Ron Corkum.

Approval of minutes from last meeting review was bypassed and was covered offline via email as needed.


  • Ron raised a Disaster Preparedness conference on November 1st and 2nd covering CERT/NET relevant topics. Further details and registration can be found here: http://www.emergencypreparednessleadershipforums.com/
  • All AROs please begin attending the weekly NETnet hour meetings (details in http://hayhurstnet.com calendar).  We need to train and certify radio communications within our NET to A key I
  • Message to pass on from Neighborhood Association… The SWNI group is seeking a liaison to help align Hayhurst NET with Neighborhood Association for the Safety committee. If you would like to volunteer to get involved with the SWN, Inc. please contact Greg Zupan.

Agenda Items Covered

  1. Rev. Pastor Tim Overton-Harris from Valley Hills United Methodist Church (VHUMC) introduced their property being considered as a staging area replacement of the just the Hayhurst Elementary strip of land between Pendleton Park and Hayhurst Elementary school. VHUMC is already offering the space to Hayhurst Elementary students and considering broader offering outside NET. This space expansion would potentially provide a place for children to play, as well as, separation between community gathering and first aid. This proposal has been already approved by the board and Pastor Tim agreed to pass on the invitation of someone from the congregation acting as a liaison / active member of Hayhurst NET. A big thanks to VHUMC for their assistance to the neighborhood!  The Team Leads will follow-up with an evaluation to consider next steps.
  2. Welcome back to co-Team Lead Ron Hellenthal! Congratulations to Randy for successfully transferring from Hillsboro CERT to Portland NET to be part of our team!
    July meeting minutes were published. Please review prior to the meeting.  A PBEM inquiry has been escalated to consider options based on the outcome of our last radio check drill in July.
  3. We had a brief debriefing regarding Amateur Radio Operators (ARO), Ham Radio and Family Radio Systems (FRS) range checks covering signal strength within the Hayhurst NET district. FRS is inadequate for spanning the full range of space. It was raised to provide FRS relay points as a workaround. We need more people to do this, but it will deal with the limited range issues.  Details of channel usage for FRS will be clarified for the Ops Manual soon. Additionally Greg has raised a PBEM inquiry to identify if there is a way to allow GMRS usage to prepare along with life threatening emergency response; once finalized FCC/FEMA/PBEM stance will be communicated.  FYI… For further general comm information, ARO/FRS/GMRS per page 56 of 63 of NET Team Guidelines v2.
  4. A table top drill scenario exercise was discussed examining the preplanning and  actions taken directly following activation getting to the primary staging area. The group walked-through for the CERT Forms to understand how team activities will be tracked with Incident Team Leadership.
  5. Next meeting will be held on November 9th 2016 – 06:45 to 8:30 PM – Alpenrose Dairy – Ice Cream Parlor – 6149 SW Shattuck Rd. Portland – 503-577-2821. The primary agenda topic will be Scheduling of 2017 and reflection on 2016 accomplishments to record volunteer hours.  If possible, please so bring your smartphone to help plan and make updates online.


Greg Zupan adjourned the meeting at 8:30 pm.

Minutes from 9/14/2016 meeting submitted by Greg Zupan and accessible at https://hayhurstnet.com/2016/09/15/9152016-meeting-minutes/.


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