6/8/2016 Meeting Minutes

City of Portland Hayhurst District

Neighborhood Emergency Team

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order

Ron Hellenthal called to order the regular meeting of the Hayhurst PNET

June 8 2016 – 06:45 to 8:30 PM – Alpenrose Dairy – Ice Cream Parlor – 6149 SW Shattuck Rd. Portland – 503-577-2821

Roll call

The following parties were present: Ron, Greg, Bob and Randy.

Approval of minutes from last meeting review was bypassed and was covered offline via email as needed.


  • Next NET Meeting on July 13th will address Amateur Radio Operators (ARO) Ham Radio and Family Radio Systems (FRS) range check. The Ham Radio and FRS test will cover Line of Sight (LOS) and PBEM repeater testing from Fire Department Facilities to Alpenrose Dairy to verify communications despite the hilly area for Hayhurst NET.
  • Citizen Resource Guide for Crisis Intervention has taken steps to help educate the neighborhoods of the risks associated to their locations. LIDAR Imaging is being made available to identify multiple geo characteristics to identify potential risks.  Look up the Oregon Geo Haze Map to find more information about pertinent residence and work building areas –  http://www.oregongeology.org/sub/hazvu/
  • An update was raised on the Cascadia Rising drill led by the FEMA and PBEM.  An overview can be found at https://www.fema.gov/cascadia-rising-2016.  A full ARES after report from communications can be found at http://www.oregonaresraces.org/?page_id=559.

Agenda Items Covered

  1. Schedule Update – Motion was made by Ron in May meeting, seconded and voted all in favor of shift to alternating monthly meetings. Subsequently, the next meeting will be July, September, November, January, etc. The http://hayhurstNET.wordpress.com site has been updated with these changes.
  2. Summary of Hayhurst NET Disaster Preparedness Presentation Report and Reflection
    1. It was a great turn out; 124 attendees and a good ~50% of the attendees stayed until we ended at 9pm.  Julie and Louise were great in being the welcoming crew and putting together some donation signs that generated some sizable cash donations. Thank you to Mimi for acting as the lead tallying the headcount and poll counts for us!
      1. Live in PDX – all but 3 (2.4%)
      2. Live in SW – all but 3 (2.4%)
      3. Live in Hayhurst ~ 20 (16%)
      4. Live in Wash Co – 4 (3%)
      5. Live Outside PDX – 2 (2%)
      6. Heard of Cascadia – all (100%)
      7. Believe in 50 yrs ~ half (50%)
      8. Are prepared – 1 (0.8%) – Jack Klinker, a NET lead, was the one who raised his hand
      9. Interested in helping ~ 25 (20%)
    2. Pros – It happened, successfully and had good attendance, location and parking was good, awesome speaker
    3. Cons – Some people found the material dry and too long, they were seeking an executive summary rather than a detailed training, many people noted they didn’t know where the opera house was.
    4. We’re still considering there being another training session in September.
    5. Greg volunteered to craft draft blast to send out all attendees that showed interested that will be reviewed in the July 13th meeting.
  3. Next meeting will be held on July 13th 2016 – 06:45 to 8:30 PM – Alpenrose Dairy – Ice Cream Parlor – 6149 SW Shattuck Rd. Portland – 503-577-2821. The primary agenda topic will be testing the radio equipment, so bring ham and FRS radios you have available.


Ron Hellenthal adjourned the meeting at 8:15 pm.

Minutes from 6/08/2016 meeting submitted by Greg Zupan and accessible at http://wp.me/p7k1l9-2V.


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